No guns at my sons funeral

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By day, he is a normal, bubbly teenager whose prime concerns are cricket, family and friends.

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Book Review- No Guns At My Son’s Funeral

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Paro Anand Runs A Programme - Literature in Action - In Delhi and various places outside, including Kashmir. She is a performance storyteller and an actress.

She works with children and has helped them make the World's longest newspaper in eleven languages in sixteen different states in India in the year This is her thirteenth 3/5(2). Theologian Martin Luther wrote, “My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when weary and sick.” We all know the value of [ ].

Author: Paro Anand Aftab is just another teenager in Kashmir who loves playing cricket, thinks his parents are a little behind the times and knows that school is interesting only because of friends.

No Guns At My Son's Funeral (Hardcover)

Paro Anand’s No Guns At My Son’s was one of the first books to be published with an explicit YA branding and at the Hyd Lit Fest she said, and I quote “Inwhen my YA book, No Guns At My Son’s Funeral, which was about the life of a year-old terrorist in Kashmir, was going for print, I was full of trepidation.

No Guns At My Son’s Funeral is a story set in the Kashmir Valley written by Paro Anand & published by Roli Books. The author is recognized internationally & locally, she headed the National Centre for Children’s Literature, The National Book Trust, India, the apex body for children’s literature in hazemagmaroc.coms: 7.

No guns at my sons funeral
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